Abdul´s Success

“I am now very proud of myself because of the transformation that has taken place in my life. I no longer depend on anybody for survival. Without Youth Alive, life would have been very miserable. I can never thank the organisation enough for their support” Abdul

Abdul spent his childhood until his late teens guiding his blind father around town to beg, the only source of income for his family. His family was desperately poor and none of the children could afford to attend school. Abdul heard about Youth Alive’s work and approached them for help.

“I was told that I was to be placed under a master craft person to learn the trade I had suggested to them. This was the turning point in my life. Youth Alive placed me under a master craft person as an apprentice, paid my initiation fee and presented me with some tools to enable me learn the trade. I worked as an apprentice for three years. While I was learning the trade, Youth Alive gave me an allowance and a bar of soap every month. I graduated as a fully fledged vulcanizer in 2003. Youth Alive again presented me with a set of working tools including a compressor machine and start up capital for my own business.”

With Youth Alive’s support Abdul became an apprentice of vulcanizing and now owns his own, successful tyre business. He supports his whole family, providing food, paying his siblings’ school fees and is helping 6 apprentices of his own build their future. Most importantly, his own child is going to be able to go to school. For Abdul and the wider family he supports, they have escaped the trap of their disadvantaged beginnings.


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