About us

Youth Alive is a Non-governmental Organisation that works in the three Northern Regions of Ghana, the poorest areas in the country.

Originally named “Tamale Street Children’s Project” the organisation was a sub-programme of Action Aid Ghana established in 1995 which was started to address the growing problem of children running away from their poverty-stricken rural homes to Tamale in the search for a better life only to end up on the streets.images (4)

Tamale Street Children’s Project was very successful and grew considerably until in 2002, with the support of Action Aid Ghana and Comic Relief, it became an autonomous NGO. Renamed Youth Alive, it expanded to also work in the Upper West and Upper East regions and has continued to grow, now helping a wider group of vulnerable children, working in areas of education, disability, microfinance and livelihoods, health, governance and advocacy.

images (3)We also started a new programe in 2012 the ‘Youth In Governance’ programme where we prepare the youth, through capacity building, to participate actively in decision making at all levels, on issues that affect their development. See some of the things we are doing on our facebook page.


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