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Kids collecting school books

Kids collecting school books

Education: Education is a basic human right that all children deserve. It is the key to unlock future opportunities, which is especially important for our beneficiaries. Giving our vulnerable children an education allows them to break out of their cycle of poverty, giving them the chance to build their own future and also to support their wider families.

Youth Alive sponsors beneficiaries in school by providing school fees, exam fees, text books and school furniture. We believe strongly in working with families, not replacing them, and we especially want to encourage parents/guardians to take responsibility for their child. Therefore we arrange for the families to pay the smaller fees where they are able; for instance, school uniform, PTA levies and food. Where families are unable to afford even these, we will support them with some or all.

Our 24 hour “Tizaa” drop-in centres have libraries, computers and study rooms that are well used by our keen students. The centres offer an environment of encouragement and help, and the children develop good relationships with our field workers who regularly visit them and the schools to offer support and monitor progress.

After completing secondary school our children can either choose an apprenticeship or, if they have attained the grades, Youth Alive will support them through Polytechnic College or University.

Some families’ situations are so desperate that by placing their “street” child into education they will be losing a small but vital wage and won’t be able to survive. In these cases we also give a small monthly stipend so that they can afford to stay in school. We will also pay for medication not covered by their health insurance and give each child laundry soap to keep their clothes smart.


Ernestina Akakiya, Patricia Alemna and Linda Atobila graduated, in December 2011, from the University for Development Studies. The three are the first Youth Alive sponsored females to have graduated from university. Ernestina and Patricia studied Integrated Development Studies (IDS) specializing in Economics/ Entrepreneurship Political Science respectively. Linda studied Agricultural Technology with a specialization in Animal Science and is back at UDS performing her national service as a teaching assistant in the agricultural department and is now completing her national service with the Ghana Revenue Authority.

All of us here at Youth Alive are very proud of what you’ve accomplished, and wish you the best for the future! We hope you will be an inspiration to the numerous girls out there who face difficulties and have given up or contemplate giving up in life.

You could help us help many more women like Ernestina Akakiya, Patricia Alemna and Linda Atobila! Its easy and safe to make us a donation online today. Remember your donation goes straight to where its needed, so you know you are making a huge difference. Thank you for your support!


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